Bird and Pigeon Proofing

Bird Proofing Your Property

Arrest The Pest offers a complete service for bird and pigeon proofing solar panels and solar panel protection for properties around Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds and the wider UK.

We can help with the following:

  • Pigeon proofing solar panels
  • Balcony netting
  • Bird proofing solutions
  • Loft decontaminations
  • Bird mites treatment

We’re qualified technicians, meaning we’re trained and verified, and can carry out your bird proofing requirements using the latest methods, in accordance with industry standards.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Our range of services and bird proofing techniques will stop birds from nesting under your solar panels and gaining access to balconies or unoccupied buildings. We also tackle the problems that arise as a result of unwanted bird occupation.

Pigeons nesting under solar panels can be a big problem as the gap between your solar panels and the roof has created a perfect, safe, warm and sheltered nesting site for birds. This is ideal for pigeons, who like a nice, high-up home where they can cover their heads. Solar panels create the perfect home for pigeons.

What happens as a result of pigeons nesting in solar panels?

The problem is that over time, this results in a build-up of corrosive pigeon foul on the panels, under the panels, in the gutters and on patios (or balconies) below. Usually only thought of as a nuisance, pigeon foul can be very dangerous. It can cause serious illness to humans if accidentally ingested or is breathed in dry.

The birds can be very noisy up there under the solar panels – which can be hugely distracting! Their movement can also cause the circuits to break, which will end up breaking the panels over time. And for more bad news, their nesting can also cause an influx of bird-biting mites, and potentially rodents, to enter your property.

If this sounds like something you need to tackle at your property, give us a call today to discuss your options. We have a variety of strategies and techniques to ensure that birds stay away from your panels, including installing netting, spikes, and other deterrents.

We offer solar panel bird and pigeon proofing with prices from £500, depending on the situation and needs of the property. We will come to your property first for a free consultation to understand what you’ll need, and then we take it from there.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to discuss our services. Call Arrest the Pest on 07766 083234.

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